Portfolio move

Hi all i know i haven’t posted in well almost a year now but ive had a really busy year and ive changed a couple things mainly i started using artstation to showcase my work instead of my own site. i will leave a link to my artstation here encase anyone wants a look at what ive been up to. i will still continue to own this site but posts might be a lot rarer than they used to be i upload to my artstation way more frequently now so thats a better place to find my work.

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/mark_sweeney


Underground Church ruins and characters scene

So im almost close to repeating my exam that ive been studying for its essentially a week away and i cant wait to get it done and over with so i can focus on getting a job and continuing my own projects.

This a scene that ive been putting together in my mind for about a month now and its still not 100% ready i still have more props to create and add in then piece the whole thing together to create a wonderful dark atmospheric level. the screenshots below are merely just testing the pieces together as there all modular and seeing if the enemies look right in there surrounds and i must say i tested out making the level dark with very little lighting and its actually quite scary so i cant want to put it all together properly and play through it.

I drew inspirations from various sources for this from games like dark souls and skyrim mixed with my own twisted visions of what a cult who lived underground would look like.

the objects were frist blocked out in maya and the high to low poly versions were done in zbrush using alphas and height maps to create detail.
the characters were drawn on paper by me and then done completely from scratch in zbrush.
All assets were textured in substance painter with some masks being made in photoshop.

Small Update on a new character

So sorry for the lack of posts lately, i’ve been super busy i have an exam to study for and its taking up most of my time right now but i’m still doing small bits on the side mainly practising with ZBrush more and trying to nail down things i’m not too comfortable with in the programme which is a lot of stuff.
For now i’m focusing more on organic and natural objects and i’m going to start doing clothes soon and using nanomesh to nail down some details. The purpose of this character is that they are going to be an undead/dying mage in a dungeon in a game i’m working on.
They are part of a cult and play a massive role in the overall story but they will only be seen a few times throughout this more a rough first draft if anything but i’m happy with it so far, 3 progress pictures included plus the original drawing i did for concept

Zbrush hard surface practice

Zbrush Hard surface Practice

Sorry for lack of posts lately I’ve been having trouble trying to find somewhere else to live at moment but ill get settled back into posts soon I swear!
Anyway this week i decided to try and practice hard surface modelling in zbrush admittedly after this i have found such easier ways to do the things i did in this model but for now its fine just for practice

Scifi Character model

I made this character model for a sci fi character for my scifi project im not generally pleased with all the parts of him but this is his frist version im really pleased with how his helmet turned out and the whole thing is only 2 materials so thats good for optimization, i textured it with substance painter and modeled it in mudbox i will redo it in zbrush for the next version

More hi res shots from my sci fi project this week i did the corridors!

So these are pictures from my scifi project that im working on in unreal its still an ongoing scene and im still doing the details right now but the basic shape of it is there, these are the corridors in the ship that link the airlock down in the industrial area to one of the observation decks. everything was textured with substance painter with some materials being made in substance designer.

High res screenshots from my fort project

The following are high res screen shots form my progress in a medieval style project, the setting is an an old abandoned fort that is in a forest setting i have changed a lot since it started and its starting to come together now download link for the project so far is in the games section i love the lighting in the last picture and i used dark souls 1-3 and skyrim as references for most of the stuff and the style of it overall. i used substance painter and designer for the textures and will start to learn zbrush soon to redo some of the rocks and other details i have in mind for it which arnt pictured yet

High res screenshots from sci-fi themed game i am currently working on

Way back in September i started out with the idea to make a sci-fi themed scene to capture in unreal and post up on here but since then i began to add more and more to it and slowly it grew from just being a scene to being a full on sci-fi fps that is still currently being worked on but it has basic features for now these are some screen caps from it.

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