Scifi Character model

I made this character model for a sci fi character for my scifi project im not generally pleased with all the parts of him but this is his frist version im really pleased with how his helmet turned out and the whole thing is only 2 materials so thats good for optimization, i textured it with substance painter and modeled it in mudbox i will redo it in zbrush for the next version


More hi res shots from my sci fi project this week i did the corridors!

So these are pictures from my scifi project that im working on in unreal its still an ongoing scene and im still doing the details right now but the basic shape of it is there, these are the corridors in the ship that link the airlock down in the industrial area to one of the observation decks. everything was textured with substance painter with some materials being made in substance designer.

High res screenshots from my fort project

The following are high res screen shots form my progress in a medieval style project, the setting is an an old abandoned fort that is in a forest setting i have changed a lot since it started and its starting to come together now download link for the project so far is in the games section i love the lighting in the last picture and i used dark souls 1-3 and skyrim as references for most of the stuff and the style of it overall. i used substance painter and designer for the textures and will start to learn zbrush soon to redo some of the rocks and other details i have in mind for it which arnt pictured yet